The Guest apartment

Information for those that want to rent the

Guest apartment

Bring your own:

- Towel

- Bath towels

- Bedding

- Wash towel

In the association we have access to a small nice guest apartment. It is located on the ground floor of 134, in the passage between 134 and 132. The member who rents the guest apartment is responsible for it being cleaned and left in good condition for the next guest.

Book the guest apartment here. Please fill in the rental form before you retrieve the key and then hand it to the booking manager at the key handover.

Equipment in the room:

- Kitchen table and 4 chairs

- Sofa bed for 2 people and folding bed for 1 person

- 3 quilts and 3 pillows

- Rug mat, coffee table, floor lamp, window lamps

- Panel blinds and blackout blinds on both windows

- Kitchenette with fridge and two hotplates

- Serving trolley

- Washbasin, dish brush, dish soap

- Porcelain 6 persons, cutlery 6 persons, kitchen utensils, 2 saucepans, 1 frying pan

- Coffee maker, microwave, kettle, toaster

- CD radio and TV

- Cleaning cabinets with cleaning products such as mop, scouring bucket and rags, vacuum cleaner

Photos: Anngelica Kristoferqvist


Only members older than 18 years may book. First come first served. You can book a maximum of one week at a time, but it can be extended if it turns out that no one has rented the days afterwards. You should cancel at least one day before. We on the board allocate the rental responsibility between us. You must always book through the rental manager, who writes you up in the booking calendar. The calendar can be seen on the booking page.

Contact the rental manager via e-mail or put a letter in the board's mailbox in 134 or write a message on the booking page. Write your name, your apartment number, rental dates and contact details.


Key pick-up/handover

The key is retrieved by agreement with the rental manager. It is the member who booked the room who has to collect the key personally. The member is responsible for the guests and must ensure that the room is clean. You fill in a rental form and must show proof of identity. We appreciate if you could fill in the rental form before you arrive. The key must be returned, and the premises cleaned, no later than 12 noon on the last day of rental. If you want to return the key in the key manager's mailbox, place it in an envelope.



The rental fee is SEK 160 / day and is charged to the rental receipt. The member is responsible for the payment. Possibility of renting temporary parking space for SEK 40 is possible, consult with the rental manager.

A cleaning fee of SEK 500 is charged if the apartment is not cleaned according to the cleaning instructions that are set up at the cleaning cupboard in the guest apartment.


- Lost key is replaced by tenant with a fee of SEK 1000.

- Damaged equipment is reimbursed to its full value.

- Cleaning is done according to instructions in the cleaning cabinet. All garbage should be removed when you leave the room otherwise you will receive a cleaning fee of 500 SEK.

- Those who live in the building must not be disturbed by loud noises after 22:00 Sunday-Thursday and 23:00 on Friday-Saturday.

- Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the premises, in stairwells, lifts, etc.

- Alcohol consumption of young people under the age of 18 is prohibited in the premises.

- Gambling about money is prohibited in the premises.

- Commercial activities are prohibited in the premises.

- It is not allowed to put anything on walls, doors or pipes.

- The furniture is protected from eg. wine spots and warm vessels.

- Feel free to replace consumables that you have used such as toilet paper and household paper.

- If the rules are not complied with, we may be forced to exclude people from the right to rent the premises.