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Mariebo 2 is an independent tenant association located on the Vingslaget 5 block in the residential area of ​​Mariestrand. The association consists of 60 apartments spread over one 6 storey building with 3 staircases and two 2 storey buildings with one entrance each. The apartments have 2-5 rooms, several of which are owned by two people together, which means that we have more members than appartments. The apartments at Mariebo 2 became ready for occupancy in May and August 2008. The association had its first annual general meeting on April 21st 2009.

We are members of Riksbyggen. You can read about what this means on the Riksbyggen website.

On three occasions a year, we have recurring events to socialize and create extra well-being between us:

- Spring cleaning when we socialize and help to make it nice around us

- Annual general meeting in May when we make association decisions and eat something nice

- Open house in December when we hang out with traditional Swedish christmas "fika"

Our neighboring associations are called Mariestrand 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Mariebo 1 and 3, Sångfåglarna 1 and 2. We meet regularly where we discuss issues relating to all associations, including snow removal, internet and similar where the price and coordination get better with joint agreements. We also have a dinner once a year where members of all associations are welcome to attend and socialize. At Christmas and New Year, we make sure that there are pitch torches outside all entrances throughout the area to make the area nice and cozy.

Photo: Angelica Hedman

For those who are thinking about becoming a member and who have not lived in a tenant-owner association before, there is more information on Riksbyggens homepage (in Swedish) "Att bo i bostadsrätt". You can also read more about what it means to be a member in a document written by Riksbyggen here. In order to become a member, you must apply for membership. When you buy a condominium (a right to live in an appartment), a transfer agreement is signed and then you apply for membership in the association.