Fee, electricity, internet, TV, tele

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Fee, electricity, internet, TV, tele

The monthly association fee is due to various costs for our properties and the ground belonging to us, eg. maintenance that needs to be done in common areas outdoors and indoors.

In the invoice every month you can also see the fee for electricity and broadband / TV / telephony.

Electricity is charged once a year, i.e. it is then that the amount that has been paid during the year is adjusted for the real consumption. SEK 3000 is paid during the year, i.e. SEK 250 / month. If more electricity has been used, you get an extra fee on the following invoice and if less has been used, you get money back. When buying and selling a condominium, the buyer and seller are responsible for any correction of the electricity cost.

Telia is our supplier of broadband, TV and telephony. We have a joint agreement to get a better price. The included broadband speed is 100 Mbit / s. It is possible to make your own additions in addition to what is already included.

Photo: Angelica Hedman