The Board

Information about

Mariebo 2's board

In a tenant-owner association there must be a board responsible for the ongoing operations. We are responsible for the association's finances and common areas, among other things.

Below is information about who is elected to the Board in 2020. At the annual meeting in May or June each year, it is decided who will be in the board. If you have any questions or requests regarding the association, you are welcome to contact us.

Angelica Hedman, Chairwoman

Mariehemsvägen 136

Jens Söderlund, Board member

Mariehemsvägen 132

Vacant, Alt. board member


Tobias Johansson, Secretary

Mariehemsvägen 134

Anna Hansson, Alt. board member

Mariehemsvägen 132

Fredrik Persson, Board member

Customer manager, Riksbyggen

Box 3013, 903 02 Umeå


Simon Sandström, Vice chairman

Mariehemsvägen 134

Niklas Jönsson, Alt. board member

Mariehemsvägen 132

Joakim Jansson, Alt. board member

Economist, Riksbyggen

Box 3013, 903 02 Umeå